Panel facing

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Moisture proof plate for panel facing TECEprofil supporting frame of TECEprofil modules. Made of impregnated plasterboard, to DIN 4102-A2, non-flammable.
To fill gaps in the TECEprofil panel facing. Supplied in 5 kg bags. Filling to quality level Q1; higher quality levels must be taken into consideration in invitations to tender.
Special facing plate for TECEprofil supporting frame in highly wet areas. 12.5 mm thick cement-bound lightweight concrete panel, in accordance with EN 13501-1, non-flammable.
For adhesion and grouting of butt-joined TECEprofil panel plate (9200013) for highly-wet areas.
To attach TECEprofil panels to TECEprofil section tubes; made of steel, 3.5 mm x 35 mm (drill bit PH2).
Fire protection plates for standard toilet modules with TECE cisterns.
Set consisting of two non-flammable rockwool heat insulation boards A1.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 1000 x 625 x 30 mm and 711 x 440 x 20 mm.

In the event of fire protection requirements for partition walls with toilet modules, the fire protection plates must be used. Fire protection walls made of TECEprofil from F 30 to F 120 must be installed in accordance with "abP P-3226/492/11-MPA BS".
1 - 6 (6)