Safety arm support, mounting plates

Mounting plate for a stable attachment of additional appointments, e.g., mirror cupboard in a TECEprofil supporting frame; made of watertight, glued structural veneer to DIN 68705.
For installation in a UA profile stud walls or as pre-wall element.

Completely pre-assembled unit, consisting of:
  • Self-supporting mounting frame, powder-coated
  • Watertight, multi-glued wood inlay panel
  • Mounting materials for fixing to a UA profile wall
For the stable fixing of support handles and holding systems in a TECEprofil supporting structure or a UA profile stud wall.

Pre-assembled unit, consisting of:
  • Attachment plate for screwing to a TECEprofil universal module, of watertight glued veneer
  • Two multi-clamps for fixing to the TECEprofil supporting structure