TECElux Mini

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Electronic flush plate with touch-free actuation for TECE standard cisterns (installation depth 13 cm) with front actuation and actuation height of approx. 1 m (centre flush plate). Flat glass actuation including mounting materials and actuation motor for dual-flush. Suitable for flush-mounted installation. Compatible with insert chute for cleaning tablets.
Dimensions: (W x H x D): 220 x 150 x 8 mm

Function of the electronics:
The sensor detects when a person is approaching the toilet, and only illuminates the flush buttons then. The flush actuation is touch-free or by touching the button area. By programming with the TECElux Mini programming remote control (order no. 9240971), the electronics can be adjusted to individual requirements.

Programmable functions (with programming remote control):
  • Sensor recognition field
  • Hygiene flush
  • Actuation time
  • Safety flush
  • Display illumination brightness
Transformer for electrical connection of the TECElux Mini flush plate (approx. 1 m central flush plate), one flush plate can be connected per transformer. For mounting in deep cavity wall sockets with a diameter of 60 mm and depth of 63 mm. Electrical connection voltage 230 V (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz), output 12 V DC. Cable length 5 m.
Concealed screw connection for anti-theft protection of TECElux Mini.
Remote control for programming the TECElux mini electronics. Programmable functions: Recognition field, hygiene flush, actuation time, safety flush and display lighting brightness.

Installation kit for flush-mounted installation of toilet flush plates TECEloop glass, TECEsquare glass, TECElux Mini as well as TECEnow. Depth-adjustable tile frame for wall coverings from 5-18 mm (from 18-33 mm with adjustment bolt - Order No. 9820181). Including disassembly tool for flush plate.

Installation frame required during shell assembly!

Metal decorative frame for combination with toilet installation frame. To cover uneven tile edges. Depth-adjustable decorative frame for wall coverings from 5-18 mm (from 18-33 mm with adjustment bolt - Order No. 9820181).
Larger bare-wall protection system for brick-wall construction to prepare the installation of the installation frame for toilet flush plates. Suitable for use with all TECEbox toilet modules.
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