Toilet with shower function

Rimless toilet ceramic with integrated shower function to clean bottoms comfortably with water. Shower function operates without electricity using warm and cold water connections installed on site. Wall-mounted toilet ceramic.

Shower function features:
  • Intuitively control the water temperature and quantity using the integrated rotary selector switches
  • Continuously adjust the amount of water up to 5.6 litre/min
  • Water temperature individually, continuously adjustable (10-38 °C)
  • Self-cleaning shower nozzles
  • Replaceable shower nozzle caps
  • In accordance with DIN EN 1717
  • Minimum flow pressure 1 bar (max. 10 bar)

Toilet ceramic features:
  • Wall-mounted toilet pan for 6 and 4,5 litre flush volume
  • Compact design - depth from the wall 540 mm, mounting area 180 mm
  • Concealed wall mounting and concealed water connections
  • Rimless ceramic bowl with integrated splash guard
  • Pre-assembled secure toilet seat attachment for TECEone toilet seat with lid
  • Material: White toilet ceramic
  • Optimal hygienic ceramic design with fewer corners, edges and joins
  • In accordance with DIN EN 997
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 358 x 350 x 540 mm

Delivery package:
  • Toilet ceramic including concealed toilet fastening
  • Pre-assembled fastening for toilet seat
  • Pre-assembled control buttons
  • Reinforced hoses for the water connections at the standard corner valves